Special shout-out to my DC iFriends ’cause I’m coming to you live from your very own town this weekend!

That sounded creepy.

Annnnyway. Thanks for the support re: the last entry. He’s out of the hospital as of yesterday and is taking it day by day. Which – honestly – is possibly the way we should all be taking it. Yes?

Despite a random post-parent-conference break-down with my assistant principal, I’m also doing fine. I thought I was dealing with it wonderfully until – surprise! – I wasn’t.

So. We move on.

Anyway. I’m about to go do some museum-ing.

Have a great Saturday/Valentine’s Day.


2 Responses to “Hola”

  1. Vittoria Says:

    oh my god. why didnt we get together? “vday” shmeeday. “boyfriend”… smoyfriend?

  2. Sarah Says:


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