Please Don’t Say That

One more DC story.

A nice man asked me, “So, where do you teach now?”

“Minnesota,” I replied.

“Oh, Minnesota! That’s nice.”

“Mmhmm,” I continue.

“So, are you originally from Minnesota? Were you born in Canada?


Please tell me I don’t sound like a Canadian. I beg of you.


5 Responses to “Please Don’t Say That”

  1. chad.02 Says:

    i think Minnesota was born in Canada

  2. Vittoria Says:

    i um, don’t know if you do? but i think you’re fab. and people think i’m from places all the tme that i’ve never even BEEN to in DC, so obiovusly that guy was psyyyyyyyycho

  3. Ann Says:

    He accused you of being Canadian, and you still describe him as “nice”?
    Yep, you’re a Minnesotan.

  4. Gary W Says:

    Did you say “ay” or “aboot”… if not, he he had no business assuming you were Canadian :>)!
    I remember once I was sitting in a Denny’s in the middle of the night and the cook asked me if I was northern Maine. Not just Maine, but northern Maine.

    I was like…. ummmm no, I’m frum Noo Yawk.

  5. Gary W Says:

    I forgot to mention that was in Seattle.

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