Get Ready

Somewhere in between “Hmm, I’d like to spiff up my blog” and “This is a cute look,” I ended up with a new web address.

Please don’t ask me how it happened because I’ve been up half the night cursing the internet, falling into one irreversible decision after another, and meandering my way into a sleep-inducing fuzz – yet have been mysteriously unable to close my laptop and finish later.

I’m not about to figure out how to redirect this bitch, so please – I beg of you – just update your bookmarks. Yes?


2 Responses to “Get Ready”

  1. Ann Says:

    The new page looks great but won’t let me comment.
    I went through the twenty-minute process of setting up a username, but it still keeps calling me invalid.
    I don’t like being called invalid.
    I’m totally valid.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Oh goodness. I’m sorry!

    I THINK I fixed it now. Super annoying – apologies.

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