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Sasha & Malia’s Most Adorable Inaugural Moments


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The Sound of Silence in 106


Since I moved into the newest of my new places (I’ve been quite transient lately – another story, for another time), I have been without television. It wasn’t my plan- I just never ordered cable and my late-90’s TV set requires an antenna to pick up any stations at all. It’s an accidental case of smug “I don’t watch TV” elitism. Pure laziness, really.


I’m not about to go around claiming that I suddenly don’t love TV. I definitely do – I can keep up on 30 Rock, The Office, and Ugly Betty online and The Huffington Post often shows the best clips from the most recent Saturday Night Live so I can skip the non-funny business.

It’s just that the extra 100 bucks a month (I steal my internet too and am not the least bit ashamed because I think it should be a public service – again, another story, for another time) have been helping my wardrobe TREMENDOUSLY.

And – okay – I feel just a smidge smuggish. Let me have that.

Anyway, as I was sitting here breaking in my new chair, drinking a glass of wine, and casually browsing the internet, I realized how accustomed I’ve grown to…quiet.

TBWSRN has been out of town most the time since early September, so there’s that. I used to just put Sex and the City episodes on so the witty banter and sexual innuendos of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda could subconsciously pervade my thoughts. Perhaps I can become them through osmosis? Or I’d listen to NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me so I could feel intelligent. And, you know, just to have some noise.

But now, the clicking of my keyboard seems to be sufficient. At least tonight, anyway.

Ask me again in March. I’ll be contemplating whether I’m high enough up from the ground to be successful should I choose to spring free and jump from my balcony.

I’m not. Just checked.

Why We Heart Michelle*


Okay, so I AM AWARE that I’ve been a habitual and unapologetic re-poster as of late, but sometimes I just get so excited that I want to share. I share therefore I blog? I promise that someday soon I will write a blog entry of my very own.

I am also aware that at this point in my over-articulation of why I love President-Elect Obama, you all probably want to revolt or run away screaming, “NO MORE OBAMAAAAAA.” Sorry. I’m just still so elated.

SO, despite the aforementioned, I’m going to go ahead and take a moment to gush over Michelle Obama.


This is why we love her, folks.

picture-14picture-22picture-32*Original article by Heather Wood Rudulph in the HuffPo

Okay, now I need to correct those short stories for REALSIES